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Offer for pharmaceutical companies, which are already present at the market of Ukraine
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If you have:

  • The slump in volume of pharmaceutical market
  • Reduced investment
  • High cost of maintaining your own staff
  • The control and work organization requirements (additional staff and time)
  • The rapid and timely changes requirements
  • Desire to optimize logistics, import and export operations

The company "Pharmaceutical warehouse of Medical Academy" LLC is ready to offer the full-grown cooperation and solve of problems, the cooperation quality is guaranteed by professional knowledge and real experience of our stuff.

The "Pharmaceutical warehouse of Medical Academy" LLC is a dynamic company that emerged as the wholesale part of largest drugstore network in Dniepropetrovsk region named "Pharmacies of Medical Academy" LLC, which has 15 years experience of drug promotion in Ukraine.

The company "Pharmaceutical warehouse of Medical Academy" LLC is developing steadily since its founding and currently, and increase their performances in terms of sales volume and in quality of provided services.

With a team of highly qualified professionals, doctor database and pharmacy networks, modern warehouse, we offer a comprehensive solution for manufacturers to work at the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine:

  • registration of medicines in Ukraine
  • marketing and promotion of pharmaceutical products
  • distribution
  • logistics

Marketing and promotion of pharmaceutical products

The priority of our company is the marketing on the domestic market of innovative medicines for the control of diseases, which are intractable in Ukraine now, but have a large social significance.

Promotion of prescription drugs requires a special approach. We work with grand auditory of doctors, our team collaborates with the Dniepropetrovsk Medical Academy, its scientific community is involved in writing guidelines and research papers, in the preparation and holding of scientific conferences. Our team has formed the database of doctors and clients.

We offer our service of medical representatives to marketing and promotion of drugs, which covers all regions of Ukraine.

Portrait of a customer of our service:

  • A company with a large product portfolio for promotion.
  • Seasonal promotion of products.
  • The company, which plans the market entry.
  • Has for an object to save on startup.
  • The company, which is losing its market share.

The advantages of working with our team:

  • Saving of cost for maintaining of additional staff (accounting, office, paperwork).
  • No legal issues with employees.
  • Mobile using of stuff.
  • More operational human research.
  • Minimization of the cost of the visit of medical representative
  • Ability to work on the already formed database of customers.
  • Payment for the final result

Stuff outsourcing will solve following problems:

  • The keeping of external service staff.
  • The constant motivation search.
  • Lack of confidence in the integrity of employee and search for new ways of control.
  • Costs reduce
  • Risks reduce.
  • Concentrate own efforts for marketing strategies
  • Release the top managers from routine work

In the current environment of the pharmaceutical market in Ukraine the using of the rental staff is more profitable than the keeping of own foreign service.

Distribution and Logistics

The company "Pharmaceutical warehouse of Medical Academy" LLC has a modern warehouse spaces that fully meet the requirements of Ukrainian and international standards for pharmaceutical warehouse.

The activity of the company is certified according to ISO 9001: 2009, it ensures the highest quality of storage services. Warehouse will be preparing for Good storage practices (GSP) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP) certification with warehouse operating procedures (SOP).

The channels of drug distribution for promotion on the national market are formed, relationships with large distributors in Ukraine was established.

Description of provided services:

  • Medicine storage services. Storage services are drawn as procedure of sale according to license conditions. Secure storage is possible only for charitable organizations and products purchased for government (budgetary) funds.
  • Handling: unloading of the Customerĺs vehicle (automatic and manual), loading of goods in the Customerĺs transport, on pallets or a as separate box.
  • The inventory stocktaking of goods: acceptance of goods in quantity and quality, documentary support.
  • Packaging of orders, the organization of their delivery to distributors.
  • Palletizing: packing of goods on pallets and winding of formed pallet with stretch film.
  • Warehousing and cargo services in licensed and safe conditions
  • Information on-line support.

If you want to discuss with us the possibility of cooperation in these areas, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Oksana Viktorovna Chugunova
Head of logistic department
Tel. +38 (056) 374-99-30
e-mail: oksana[]
Dniepropetrovsk, Geroyew Stalingrada Street, 151d

Licence of the State Inspectorate for medicines quality control of Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine for wholesale of medicines └┬ ╣528116
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